Google has announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence model called Gemini. In a blog post on Google’s website, they announced:

Gemini is the result of large-scale collaborative efforts by teams across Google, including our colleagues at Google Research. It was built from the ground up to be multimodal, which means it can generalize and seamlessly understand, operate across and combine different types of information including text, code, audio, image and video.

Gemini is a multimodal model that can understand text, images, audio and videos. It is capable of completing complex tasks in fields such as mathematics and physics and can also understand and generate high-quality code in various programming languages.


The first version of Gemini is optimized for three different sizes:

  1. Gemini Ultra — The largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks.
  2. Gemini Pro —The best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks.
  3. Gemini Nano — The best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks.

Use Case

Unlocking insights in scientific literature

Gemini can be used to read, understand and filter 200,000 scientific papers to extract crucial scientific information.

Explaining reasoning in math and physics

Gemini was trained to recognize and understand text, images, audio, and more at the same time, so it better understands nuanced information and can answer questions relating to complicated topics. This makes it especially good at explaining reasoning in complex subjects like math and physics. Gemini’s multimodal capabilities and sophisticated reasoning can be used to check a handwritten homework sheet.

Advanced Coding

Gemini can also be used as the engine for more advanced coding systems. Gemini is able to consistently understand, explain and generate code that is correct and well-written in most programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Go.

Building with Gemini

Starting on December 13, developers and enterprise customers can access Gemini Pro via the Gemini API in Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI. Google AI Studio is a free, web-based developer tool to prototype and launch apps quickly with an API key.

Gemini is currently available through integrations with Bard, Google’s  conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot and the Google Pixel 8 Phone. It will be available in other Google products and services like Search, Ads, Chrome and Duet AI in the coming months.

Check Out Gemini AI:

If you are interested in building apps using Gemini Nano and AICore: Sign Up for Android Early Access Preview for On-Device Generative AI.

Source: Google Blog